Adlumin Kills Ransomware in Seconds With New Feature That Saves 99% of Files From Encryption

Alongside New Ransomware Prevention Feature, Free Ransomware Simulation Tool Gives Any Organization the Capability to Easily Test Ransomware Defenses

Adlumin Kills Ransomware in Seconds With New Feature That Saves 99% of Files From Encryption

Mike Reilly
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Adlumin, the security operations command center that simplifies complexity for organizations of all sizes, today announced a new Ransomware Prevention feature that immediately detects and stops ransomware from encrypting files. In benchmark tests against malware from some of the world’s most notorious ransomware groups including Black Basta, Conti, Ryuk, NoEscapeLocker and others, Adlumin Ransomware Prevention saved, on average, 99% of the file system from encryption.

In addition, the company unveiled a free Ransomware Simulation Tool that gives organizations a self-service option to easily test and understand their vulnerability to a ransomware attack.

The threat posed by ransomware and the success of ransomware gangs climbed to new heights in 2023 with payments exceeding $1 billion for the first time. Beyond the financial impact, Ransomware has also been responsible for attacks that crippled essential services from healthcare facilities, financial institutions, local government and more, and disrupted lives and operations in every other sector of the economy.

The speed with which Adlumin detects and kills ransomware provides an added layer of protection to help stop ransomware threats at organizations that rely on Adlumin for Managed Detection and Response (MDR). This new feature adds capabilities that enable Adlumin and its partners to provide a comprehensive ransomware defense that can block ransomware, quickly kill ransomware that’s executed, take automated responsive actions to contain an attack, and assist with recovery.

“Traditional endpoint and antivirus solutions are focused on detection, but not resiliency. They strain system resources and have high rates of false positives, and by the time they act, a majority of the file system is already encrypted,” said Robert Johnston, CEO and co-founder of Adlumin. “When combatting ransomware, speed is the most important factor. Our lightweight solution is accurate and fast so we can shut down a ransomware attack in seconds.”

Adlumin’s free Ransomware Simulation Tool is a complementary offering that enables any organization to test their ransomware defenses. This self-service tool deploys mock-up data and files onto an organization’s systems, launches a ransomware attack against them, and provides a grade that details how well the organization’s defenses performed. This synthetic attack is isolated to the mock-up files, which the Adlumin tool then cleans from the file system to remove all traces of the test.

For more information, or to download and run the Ransomware Simulation Tool, visit

Adlumin’s Ransomware Prevention feature is now automatically enabled for all customers of Adlumin’s Managed Detection and Response services. For more information on how Adlumin MDR can keep your organization secure, visit:

About Adlumin

Adlumin is the security operations command center that simplifies complexity and keeps organizations of all sizes secure. Its innovative technology and seamless integrations create a feature-rich platform that includes everything a sophisticated security team needs, while empowering channel resellers, service providers and organizations of any size with the collaboration and transparency required to establish a coordinated and mature defense. Adlumin is headquartered in Washington, DC and is backed by investors including SYN Ventures, First In Ventures, Washington Harbour Partners and BankTech Ventures.

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